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Child Education

As India continues with its struggles to educate its children, reputed NGOs have been active in providing child education in various parts of the country.  Jan Seva Samiti is an NGO for child education in Delhi, carrying out the good work over the years. You must know, that 40% of the population of the country is below 18 years of age. With 400 million children, it has the largest child population in the world. Poverty and lack of awareness being the key reasons behind illiteracy, it is time for the youths and well-off classes to support these NGOs. You can be a part of this good work by donating to the organization or supporting their activities in other ways.

The key priorities of Jan Seva Samiti include:

1) Enhancing quality of education

2) Enhancing access to education

The group has carried out several activities for the benefit of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. It is one of the most reputed NGO for child education in Delhi. The organization works in a goal-oriented manner to make the most of its available resources. Have a look at the primary areas of activity of the organization:

Integrating specialization on teaching methodologies

Supporting the professional development of the teacher

Optimizing the use of material, financial and human resources to enhance the qualitative aspects of child education

Therefore, when you lend an active support to the NGO, or donate for a good cause, the children, their families, the teachers and other community members taking care of the children get the much-needed support. The organization utilizes the fund in developing a better infrastructure for education, training, providing support through various tools and imparting services for the needy children. People looking forward to contributing must note, that Jan Seva Samiti uses these funds for the following purposes:

Training teachers, child care providers and principals

Midday meals

Celebrations and exposure visits

Arranging camps for free medical check-ups

Buying learning and teaching materials, like textbooks, teaching manuals, maps, writing supplies, globes, chalkboards and so on.

As a leading NGO for child education in Delhi, Jan Seva Samiti looks forward to create a better learning ambience for the children. You can be a part of this noble drive through your valuable contributions.

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