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As India continues with its struggles to educate its children, reputed NGOs have been active in providing child education in various parts of the country.  Jan Seva Samiti is an NGO for child education in Delhi, carrying out the good work over the years. You must know, that 40% of the population of the country is below 18 years of age. With 400 million children, it has the largest child population in the world. Poverty and lack of awareness...

Home like feeling

Old aged people feel comfortable at home because It gives them a sense of security. Familiarity with the surroundings makes them feel like home. Take a tour of the entire old age home and see how the surroundings are. Will your parents feel comfortable living there? You must also communicate with the staff members and ask necessary questions to make sure your parents will have a home like feeling there.

Healthy living conditions

The best...

"Grandparents make the world … a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer.”

Grandparents! Who are they? They are warmth, comfort, elegance, and golden wisdom. They are home.  My grandmother, for instance, is the embodiment of generosity and kindness. With her soft eyes darting from plate to plate on the dinner table, she always makes sure everyone has everything they could possibly need and more. Her hands are magical and possess the power to turn any dish-...

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